How to make an order

As a provider, you're required to inform consumers of their rights under the Code of Rights. We provide a range of publications that you may choose to purchase instead of producing your own information.
You can order these resources here online by browsing and selecting what you want, or download a printable order form (PDF, 100Kb) to send by mail or fax.

With the exception of posters and DVDs, these publications are FREE for consumers.

A guide to your order

You can use the following information to help you decide which items are most appropriate for your service.

Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers' Rights

This leaflet contains the full Code of Rights regulation and suits consumers or providers who want a copy of the regulation as a precise specification of rights and obligations.

Learning from Complaints

This leaflet lists the rights of consumers when receiving health and disability services. It explains how consumers can make a complaint if they are unhappy with the service they have received, and why making a complaint is an important way of improving quality of services.

Note: The above leaflets contain sufficient information to inform consumers of their rights.

Pocket Cards

These simply list the rights in the Code, without any explanation, and are designed as a quick reference guide only.


Scenarios illustrating rights and advocacy services. Duration 16-18 min.

Posters - A2/A3

All posters list the ten rights and provide a brief explanation of each right. They are intended primarily to highlight the existence of rights and indicate that the rights apply when using your service. Note that the text at the bottom of the "Your Rights" posters states that a copy of the Code is available from the provider. If you are developing your own display material to inform consumers of rights, a similar statement to this should be included.

Advocacy Information

If you would like information on the advocacy service or you would like your local advocates to deliver a presentation, please call 0800 555 050.

Charging Policy

Health and disability service providers are charged for the publications available from the Commissioner. With the exception of posters and DVDs, individual consumers are not charged for publications, unless they also operate as providers.

The Health and Disability Commissioner gives permission for all leaflets to be photocopied or incorporated into an existing publication if this is a more economical option.